8 Best Free Duplicate Content Checker Plugins For WordPress Website

Are you searching for The Best Free Duplicate Content Checker Plugins For WordPress Website? The WordPress Duplicate Content Checker Plugins are an important part of any writer, publisher’s or blogger’s software equipment.

As a result of WordPress CMS robotically generates duplicate content material and that duplicate content material could possibly be breaking your search rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

In this article, I’m going to describe The 8 Best Free Duplicate Content Checker Plugins For WordPress Website. This will assist to spice up your web site rating on Google’s first page also as well as Bing, Yahoo’s first page.

What does Duplicate Content Mean?

The duplicate content is a content material that’s equivalent and might be located on two or extra totally different URL’s on your same website or other websites.

There are two types of duplicate content material on the website:

► Inside your individual web site.

► On one other web site: It happens when one other web site reproduces your content material.

The Duplicate Content Inside Your Personal Website

Sadly, in case your web site runs on WordPress CMS. So, It is extremely possible that you’ve duplicate content material on your website.

However, why WordPress CMS generate duplicate content material?

In the WordPress CMS database, there is only one model of your article or weblog publish.

However, WordPress allows you to discover pieces of that content in several other ways, including its own personal URL. And so far as the various search engines are involved, these totally different URLs symbolize duplicate content material.

For example, You write an article about “Solutions of Duplicate Content“. And also you set the permalink ‘solutions-of-duplicate-content’, tag ‘solutions of duplicate content’ and post category is ‘solutions of duplicate content’. Then WordPress will automatically create some different URLs for this specific post/article.

For Example:

■ Post Permalink: http://yourdomain.com/solutions-of-duplicate-content

► Post Permalink with www: http://www. yourdomain.com/solutions-of-duplicate-content

■ Category Permalink: http:// yourdomain.com/category/solutions-of-duplicate-content

► Category Permalink with www: http://www. yourdomain.com/Category/solutions-of-duplicate-content

■ Tag Permalink: http:// yourdomain.com/tag/solutions-of-duplicate-content

► Tag Permalink with www: http://www. yourdomain.com/tag/solutions-of-duplicate-content

Keep in mind that this is a similar part of content material. I simply recorded completely differently so that part of the content could potentially be discovered through natural search.

The Duplicate Content on One other Web site

For those who create a lot of authentic content material, ultimately different persons are going to wish to copy that article/content and published this copied post/article on their very own web site.

Suppose, you want to check your own written content unique or not on the plagiarism checker platform, that case the plagiarism check providers take your content on their own website database.

And also some publishers or bloggers copy your post/article and republished this on their website due to less knowledge about English or other languages.

Benefits Of Duplicate Content Checker

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo wish to present helpful, authentic content material, in order that they observe plagiarism as a menace to their customer’s expertise. When your website indexed by the search engine like google. Then it scans the web page’s content material after which matches the content material with the different listed web sites.

If a web page is discovered to have plagiarized content material. Search engines like google usually will penalize the web page by decreasing its search ranking and also removing it completely from the search platform.

Let’s talk about The 8 Best Free Duplicate Content Checker Plugins For WordPress Website.

Table of Contents:

  1. Yoast SEO – The Best SEO Tools
  2. Delete Duplicate Posts
  3. Fix Duplicates
  4. Duplicate Content Cure
  5. Duplicate Title Checker
  6. Google Plus Authorship
  7. Plagiarism
  8. Dooplee Duplicate Content Checker

A few of these plugins deal with the issue of duplicate content material on your web site. Whereas others deal with the difficulty of duplicate content material on different web sites.

Descriptions of The Best Free Duplicate Content Checker Plugins

1. Yoast SEO – (SEO For Everyone)

Yoast SEO - WpFairs
Yoast SEO Plugin

The Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization) WordPress plugin does every part of its energy to satisfy each guest and search engine providers. A devoted group of builders, checkers, designers, and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants work every day to enhance the plugin with each launch.

Yoast SEO (search engine optimization) provides:

  • Routinely set canonical URLs to keep away from the duplicate content material.
  • Take away Tags and Categories from Google search results
  • It Creates a Canonical URL tag for each new weblog article/post.
  • Title and meta information templating for higher branding and constant pieces within the search outcomes.
  • A state-of-the-art design execution helps search engines like google create a sense of your website and will increase the prospect of these desired wealthy outcomes.
  • Essentially the most superior XML Sitemaps performance on the push of a button.
  • Totally full management over your website’s breadcrumbs.
  • [Premium] helps available only for their Yoast SEO Premium customers.

In my view, this is the most effective plugin to quickly and simply eliminate duplicate content issues on websites.

2. Delete Duplicate Posts

Delete Duplicate Posts - WpFairs
Delete Duplicate Posts

The Delete Duplicate Posts merely searches and excludes duplicate articles/blog posts and their meta-knowledge. This plugin is searched essentially at cleansing up house in your WordPress web site fairly than addressing search engine optimization (SEO) points that come up from duplicate content material.

You’ll be able to change within the environments what number of at a time and if the plugin ought to work robotically each hour.

So, You’ll be able to delete your website pages, posts, and different Customized Put up Sorts permitted in your web site.

3. Fix Duplicates

Fix Duplicates - WpFairs
Fix Duplicates

The Fix Duplicates is intended for WordPress websites that settle for the user-generated content material. The plugin offers the issue of customers submitting the similar or same post repeatedly.

This WordPress plugin removes duplicate content material. And generates a 301 redirect again to the unique model, thus maintaining the hyperlink fairness of the eliminated content material.

4. Duplicate Content Cure

Duplicate Content Cure - WpFairs
Duplicate Content Cure

The Duplicate Content Cure is the best reasonably easy WordPress plugin that gives your WordPress website extra search engine optimization. Pleasant by stopping the various search engines from indexing tags, categories, and archives, which normally include duplicate content material.

And also this WordPress plugin works by including the ‘nofollow, and noindex’ tag to those pages.

5. Duplicate Title Checker

Duplicate Title Checker - WpFairs
Duplicate Title Checker

The Duplicate Title Checker WordPress Plugin is the most important part of guest posting websites. Like Quora.com

The WordPress permits to insert a similar title for a number of posts. Typically we previously used a title and we aren’t conscious of that and after we create one other post with an identical title. WordPress by default shouldn’t be offering alert that this title is previously used.

The good thing about default performance is that WordPress permits a number of posts/articles with a similar title and robotically creates unique URLs for these duplicate articles/posts which may be very useful.

However, what if we’d like that every post ought to have distinctive post title and there is an enormous variety of posts previously created?

On this case, this WordPress plugin can be utilized to examine the title. We’re utilizing for brand spanking new put up is exclusive or not. This WordPress plugin is just for the post however with lesser correction. It may be used with customized put up varieties and pages. Though this WordPress plugin permits to generate a number of posts with the identical title. Because it simply offers to notify that the title already used shouldn’t be unique.

6. Google Plus Authorship

Google Plus Authorship - WpFairs
Google Plus Authorship

Probably the greatest methods to guard your on-line content material is to determine with Google that you’re the writer or publisher of the content material.

You are able to do this by way of Google Plus Authorship, The method Google launched in 2011. Though Google has spilled the Production wealthy parts from the search outcomes. Google Plus Authorship can nonetheless be applied to determine to Google that you’re the writer of a chunk of content material.

7. Plagiarism

Plagiarism - WpFairs

The Plagiarism WordPress plugin is intended essentially to verify that your content material does not duplicate by another person’s content material. This plugin tests the content material of the put up you are about to distribute to ensure it does not include any copied content.

However, this WordPress plugin can be used to examine web sites that have scoured your current content material.

This plugin examines on-line for expressions in your articles/posts that will duplicate content material previously on the internet.

A hyperlink is supplied for each problematical phrase, exhibiting it is associated with search outcomes.

The Features Provided by Plagiarism Plugin:

A number of search engines like google are supported:

You may as well checklist some rejected web sites, to keep away from duplicates beginning from sources you personal.

Private and non-private proxies assist is obtainable.

Upcoming Features for Plagiarism Plugin:

  • Translations
  • Alerts input publish/web page checklist
  • Higher possibility storage
  • Uninstall perform
  • Restore the default settings

8. Dooplee Duplicate Content Checker

Dooplee Duplicate Content Checker - WpFairs
Dooplee Duplicate Content Checker

The Dooplee Duplicate Content Checker displays your final 10 weblog articles/posts for situations the place scrapers or ‘auto blogs’ have duplicated your content material to a different web site.

This WordPress plugin makes an attempt to have the guilty content material taken down. The place that is not potential. This plugin makes an attempt to have the guilty materials faraway from the Google Search Engine and The Bing search engines like google, in order that it isn’t struggling with the unique model.

Quick View Of The 8 Best Duplicate Content Checker Plugin

Serial No:Plugin Name:Active Installations:
1.Yoast SEO5+ million
2.Delete Duplicate Posts 20,000+
3.Fix Duplicates 5,000+
4.Duplicate Content Cure1,000+
5.Duplicate Title Checker1,000+
6.Google Plus Authorship 6,000+
8.Dooplee Duplicate Content Checker20+


The Duplicate content is available in two types:

One is The duplicate content material created by the WordPress system. And the other one is the duplicate content material. It happens when somebody copies your content material and reposts this on one other web site.

Both types of duplicate content can severely harm your search engine optimization efficiency. So it is essential to take operations to get rid of each.

At the end of this article, we suggest you use the Yoast SEO plugin as a Free Duplicate Content Checker Plugins For Your WordPress Website. Also, you can use any of theme.

If you have any other query related to this article, then you are most welcome to comment box.

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