Google AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool – Check Your AdSense Status

Are you looking for Google AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool? Don’t know How the Google AdSense team verifies a website? If you want to Detect Your AdSense Eligibility Status, You have to read this article carefully. This article acts as a tool for the Google AdSense eligibility checker. I assure you, this article shows the results, whether your website will get AdSense verified or not?

Too many new bloggers have suffered from getting verified by Google AdSense. They don’t know what’s actually wrong with their website. Because Google didn’t specify the exact reasons to decline the application.

Now, I am sharing my practical experience in getting verified by Google Adsense. I got a much more verified AdSense Account for me, friends, and my clients. Even more, this (WpFairs) website is verified by Google AdSense with first-time applications.

Currently, I am working with a website to get verified by Google AdSense. You can check my working process anytime because the website is already live. Hope within next month I will be able to get a verified Google AdSense Account for the domain WpFresher.
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They aren’t doing this analysis as a result of they need to write an associated article however because they’re simply tired of AdSense rejection particularly when google did not give them a specific reason for his/her disapproval.

The worst that may ever occur to you after making use of Google AdSense, is whenever you received a reply that you’ve been declined for lacking the webmaster tips.

You’ll be left in a state of confusion as a result of it is very much difficult to understand, particularly for the new bloggers.

However, in this article am going to make a tool, for those who are still looking for a google AdSense eligibility checker tool.

Is there actually any tool available online to check AdSense eligibility Status? or is there any AdSense approval checker tool to know your website might be rejected or approved by Google AdSense?

Well, Read My Brief Notes:

I have got a much more Google AdSense verified account. And have many more experiences in getting google rejected emails for different reasons.

Most of the time they only replay the application for no exact reason. Even more, they did not publish any specific rules and regulations for getting AdSense approval.

Google AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool – Check Your AdSense Status (approved mail) WpFairs
Google AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool – Check Your AdSense Status (approved mail) WpFairs

Does it mean there is no possibility to know if your AdSense will be rejected or approved by Google AdSense even before applying?

The answer to the above question is obviously “YES”. You can check your website is eligible or not before applying for Google AdSense.

AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool

My AdSense eligibility checker tool will teach you to check eligibility before applying for Google AdSense. And you can ensure yourself if your website will be verified or not before applying.

The Main Features of AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool:

  1. How to get AdSense approval quickly even at first application?
  2. How to Know if a weblog/web site might be rejected or approved by AdSense?

I assume that is every little thing you have to learn about Google getting your AdSense approved for now, as a beginner who continues to be struggling to get AdSense approval simply.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval Easily?

There is no one who wants to get a message from AdSense that “Your application was Rejected”. Please read these points carefully and compare these points with your website. If all these points are fulfilled then I ensure your website will be verified by Google AdSense.

You Need To Follow These Criteria To Getting Approved by Google AdSense Quickly

Website Domain Name:

You must need a simple and clean designed website with the top label domain. Like .com, .net, .co etc. Don’t worry still you can get verified with Blogspot free domain and also Youtube channel. If you want to get a non-hosted AdSense account then you must have a custom domain.

Free or paid Domain Name?

It is not mandatory you apply with a custom domain earlier than getting google Adsense approved, however, it is very important.

In case you are using a free default domain name, You’ll be able to still get approved by Google. As I’ve gotten many proofs about getting approved with the free free domain.

I would not want you to undergo one other importance of getting your AdSense approved, due to this fact I’ll suggest you get yourself a custom domain name earlier than applying for Google AdSense.

6 Months Old Blog? Yes or No?

That is the most important reason why many bloggers complain about getting rejected.

The countries where google advertisers don’t accept blog websites lower than 6 months old are majorly growing countries in Asia & Africa.

If you wish to apply for AdSense, From these nations, I’ll recommend you keep your blog website until 6months old or more before applying for Google AdSense.

However, I have gotten AdSense approved both for myself and for my clients even without reaching 6 months old. And also I have gotten AdSense approved for my Bangladeshi clients with only 2 months old domain. Lastly, I Recommended you apply for Google AdSense with at least a one-month-old domain.

Website Design Issue:

Your website design is very important when applying for Google AdSense Ads.

You must need a very good website design to get approved by Google AdSense easily and faster.

Be sure that your blog website design is sweet and has a nicely arranged sidebar. Also make ensure your website has a readable font each on PC, Laptop, Tab, and mobile devices with

There are a lot of free themes online with a good design structure. I recommended using Generatepress free WordPress theme or another one. You also can use the Newspaper-X paid theme. If you have a cracked version of any other paid theme then you also can use it. There is no problem with the cracked themes getting approved by Google AdSense.

Unique Content Issue:

This is the most important issue for getting approved by Google AdSense. Most of the bloggers can not get AdSense approval, it’s because most of them do copy & paste work.

And most bloggers have a common question and that is “How can I get unique content easily?

An article might be unique whenever you rewrite blog posts or articles from different sources in your personal language & thought. It does not matter whether the thought is unique or not. Your content will be unique that’s it. So that you will get Google AdSense approval simply.

You must be sure that each piece of an article/blog post that exits in your weblog is written by you. If you are able to do this, I guess you may have gotten 90%. chances of getting approved already.

However, you must need 100% Original Content to get ensure yourself whether your website gets verified or not before applying for Google AdSense.

How Many Blog Post Needed?

There is no specification for the actual number of blog posts needed for getting Google AdSense verification.

I recommended you, please keep at least 10 blog posts with a minimum of 1,000 words before applying for Google AdSense.

I got AdSense approval with only 12 blog posts on 17 Jun 2020 for my this website

You Need In-Dept Contents:

To get AdSense approval with the first-time application then you must need in-depth content. You need at least 10 blog posts with a minimum of 1,000 words before applying for Google AdSense.

And also Before applying for Google AdSense you need to ensure that your website has at least 15,000 words in total.

You Do Not Need Organic Visitors To Get AdSense Approval:

You don’t Need organic visitors to get AdSense approval, Google doesn’t want to see your daily, monthly, or yearly traffic value.

I got AdSense approval with only 5 to 10 Organic traffic values.

However, Does it mean organic visitors aren’t important?

although you will get Google AdSense approval simply even without organic site visitors, you still need it to boost your Google AdSense income.

Organic Visitors usually tend to earn you a high CPC rate. So that you need organic site visitors to increase your Google AdSense wallet but not for getting approval for Google AdSense.

You Don’t Need 100+ Pageviews To Get AdSense Approval:

Most of the bloggers have a common question and that is “How many page views are needed for getting AdSense Approval?“.

From my practical experience, I ensure you that you don’t need a specific number of web page views to get AdSense approval. Google doesn’t want to see your daily, monthly, or yearly traffic value.

I got AdSense approval with only 10 to 15 page views per day.

Keep away from Copyright Images/Graphics:

I didn’t find any specific copyright image reasons to be rejected by Google AdSense Team.

However, I am very certain that using copyright pictures could make AdSense reject your application. I suggest you please avoid using copyright images.

I will also recommend you do likewise. After getting Google AdSense approval, you can then start using any image you wish for your blog posts.

Mandatory Pages:

Some pages are mandatory to get approved by Google AdSense. Before applying for Google AdSense you must create these pages otherwise your application might be rejected.

Below are these mandatory pages that must be needed before applying Google AdSense:

  1. About Us Page (Mandatory)
  2. Contact Us Page (Mandatory)
  3. Privacy Policy Page (Mandatory)
  4. Terms and Conditions Page (Optional)
  5. Disclaimer Page (Optional)

If you don’t know, how to create these pages then I recommended you please follow this website. This website has these AboutContactPrivacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions pages.

Website Language Issues:

Before applying for AdSense you just need to check whether your website’s language is supported by Google Adsense or not. In case your website language doesn’t support Google AdSense, I am pretty sure your application might be rejected.

To check Google AdSense AdSense Supported Languages, please click here!

Even after getting approved by GoogleAdSense, Please do not place Advertisements on these languages that aren’t supported by Google AdSense. If you happen to do, I am very certain you’ll be lost your Google AdSense account.

Integration With Search Console:

Integrate your website with Google Search Console And Google Analytics Tools.

Also, you can integrate your website with another search engine like BingYandex, etc.

Do not use third-party ad network while applying for AdSense:

If you are using some other Ads networks on your blog, AdSense recommends you remove ads such as RevContent, Taboola, etc. before applying for Google AdSense Ad.

If you want to use other Advertisements with Google AdSense Ad, then please read the AdSense Guide by clicking here.

Are You At Least 18 Years Old?

To get started earning with Google AdSense Ads, You must have at least 18 years old or older. Without these criteria, you didn’t apply for Google AdSense.

To Complete This Article About Google AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool or Adsense Approval Checker Tool

If You Skip Any of the above guides as listed above, You might not be approved.

But if you can follow all steps carefully, I guarantee you 100% assurance your website will be verified by Google AdSense.

I have gotten all my AdSense approved with this same guide so there’s no doubt if you will be approved or not.

A small request to you, please do not apply for the first time with the eCommerce website. A blogging website is recommended for first-time applications only.

Before applying to please also read Eligibility Requirements for AdSense on Google Supports page.


You’ve simply read this complete guide to getting Google AdSense approval easily even at first application.

If you have already got your website before reading this article, and it’s filled with many copyright materials, I’ll recommend you start a new fresh website with the above tips and tricks to get approved by Google AdSense instead of going through the stress of removing all of the copyright materials.

If you think this article is helpful, Then please share it and also tweet it to your friends. Hope they also get help.

Still have a question about Google AdSense Eligibility Checker Tool If you get verified, then please share your experience via comments.

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